welcome to univet
r & d quality assurance
Univet's philosophy of being a few steps ahead of current norms is perfectly exemplified by its continuous commitment to research and development. Inventive and innovative, the R & D department carefully monitors various formulations of dosage forms for quality, stability and effectiveness prior to production runs and, of course, right through the clinical tests and field trials that follow.
This constant and stringent vigilance on the quality, purity, potency and stability of all Univet's products, is just one facet of the company's all-embracing code of good manufacturing practice which guarantees the highest standard of each product before it is released for sale.
production - a top priority
Production is the last-and most important-link in the Univet manufacturing chain. Under the   professional directions of the company pharmacist, Univet's Production Department maintains the   high standards already set by the Purchasing Department and the R & D team. So when a Univet   product leaves the factory, it leaves nothing to be desired in terms of quality and efficacy.
clinical tests & field trials
Clinical tests and field trials are central to Univet's pursuit of all-round excellence. Helped by perfect conditions (the natural, clean, pollution-free environs), plus the diligence and expertise of the R & D team, products are thoroughly tested for effectiveness and has data complied for registration purposes.